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What is the College of Mediators?

The College of Mediators (originally known as the UK College of Family Mediators) - established in 1996 - sets standards for mediation and maintains a register of mediator members who meet those standards; it works to promote best practice in mediation and to protect the public.

Who are the College's members?

College members work in all parts of the United Kingdom. They are all mediators who have successfully completed College approved mediation training courses and work to standards that are laid down by the College. Mediators in the College come from a range of different backgrounds - they may have previously trained as lawyers, counsellors, social workers, or have a background in health, education, community work, business or employment - but they all share a common commitment to promoting high standards for mediation.

Inclusive scheme for College Membership

The College of Mediators aims to make membership accessible and fees affordable for a range of mediators across all mediation sectors. It also offers Associate Membership to professionals who have an interest or are currently training in Mediation.

What does the College of Mediators do?

The College promotes best practice in mediation and public awareness of the value of good quality mediation. It keeps a register of mediators who are College members; it also helps members of the public seeking a mediator to contact its members. The College approves foundation and post-qualifying training provided for mediators. It also organises conferences for mediators, produces documents and guidelines to support mediators in their practice; it publishes a quarterly newsletter for members. The College also represents the interests of mediator members nationally. It is a full member of the Family Mediation Council and has links with a wide range of other national bodies representing different types of mediation provision.


The College of Mediators is a Community Interest Company (CIC), run by its Board of Directors.

Current Directors:


Colin Anderson - Chair of the Professional Standards Committee

Stan Angel - Treasurer

Zenda Caravaggi

Veronica Dawson

Jennifer Hunt

Judith Onley - Chair

Elizabeth Stokoe


The Professional Standards Committee (PSC) of the College meets regularly and deals with issues around mediation training and practice standards including party wall surveyors in London. It focuses on developing mediation standards and advises the Board of Directors on such matters.

Current PSC members:


Lesley Allport

Colin Anderson - Chair

Glynne Davies

Janni Knox

Paul Randolph

Marian Roberts

Annie Sneller

Katherine Stylianou

Marilyn Webster

Tony Whatling


The College Advisor is Lorraine Bramwell


The day-to-day work of the College is overseen by the College Co-ordinator, Laura Mackey.

Laura can be contacted with any queries relating to mediation training, membership, training approval or any other aspect of the College's work.